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Consulting And
Financial Analysis


Consulting and financial analysis is a vital tool for many businesses. It allows you to get a clear picture of your business before making any major changes to it. Paxis Management offers consulting for the following services:


  • Business Acquisition

  • Business Sales

  • Start-Up Planning

  • Loan and Sustainability Financial Advice



Buying a business is a fantastic way to grow your own. The business you’re looking to purchase may be complementary to yours or it may be a smaller, threatening competitor. Whatever your reason, you need to ensure that the new business can successfully work together with your old one.


There are a few major metrics we look for when making this determination. First, we try to make a valuation of the business, determining if it’s a good deal or if it’s overpriced. We also determine whether the deal is properly structured. All of this is helpful during negotiations when you and the seller are each trying to ensure you’re taken care of.



Just as we help buyers, we can also help sellers. Much of the work here is similar, in that we need to determine the value of your business. But the dynamic is different. Instead of trying to find a good deal for a buyer, we’re determining the optimal price for you. This requires us to look at the market and determine what price comparable businesses are being sold for.


We also try to look at the purchasing business. Will it properly take care of you after the purchase? Why is it buying your business? We’ll give you our analysis of the situation.




If you’re just starting your business, there’s a lot you need to take care of: finding customers, establishing business habits, and more. The one thing you don’t want to lose sight of is your cash flow. At Paxis Management, we’re expert financial consultants. This allows you to rest easy and understand exactly how your business is doing financially.



There are a number of reasons why your business might want to take out a loan. Loans are common for tech companies, which combine the high cost of developing technology with competitive business practices. But even if you aren’t a start-up, you may want an infusion of cash. This might allow you to solve some temporary cash flow problems or capitalize on a market opportunity.


At Paxis Management, we’ll take a look at your current financial situation. We’ll then be able to tell you whether your loan is likely to be effective.




Paxis Mgt. Group can help you analyze and understand your business’s data so that you know how the revenue stream is progressing, how cost is affecting your profit, or which areas of your business are more profitable than others. This type of analysis is not only available at Paxis Mgt. Group but can be managed and manipulated in order to provide the best possible outcome for your small business. 

Financial analysis to include your costs and debts, but also cash-flow, liquidity, profitability, working capital, and more. We look at compiled financial statements, such as income statements, balance sheets, and trend analysis in order to provide real-time information as well as solutions.

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