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Franchises represent massive potential for many business owners. Business consultants can help you get things organized so that you’re ready for this growth potential. If you’re already running a franchise, they can help you properly structure your business and organize your financials so that you’re well-positioned to continue growing and achieve fiscal success.


Franchising and financial services for small business include: 


·       Planning and Budgeting

·       Growth analysis

·       Financial Packages and Financial Statement preparation



A franchise network can become a massive operation. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re trying to manage an already extant franchise, you’ll need business experts who know how to plan for the future while accounting for your current cashflow.


That’s what you get when you consult with Paxis Management. Rather than making these decisions without any information, we’ll be able to compile the information and advise you on how you can turn this information into positive results for your business.




There are a number of advantages that franchisees offer to their franchisors. Chief among them is growth. If you’re licensing your franchise to others, you want to see how that’s making an impact: on your finances, on your marketing budget, and more.


At Paxis Management, we’ll take a look at your books in order to determine the financial impact of your franchising operation. Looking at this growth will allow you to determine where your franchising efforts are most successful and where they may need more work.




It’s notoriously difficult to see the financials for many franchises. The smaller franchises rely on face-to-face relations, which means franchisors usually don’t want to ask to take a look at the books. This is a problem, because it means bigger franchises don’t have their system set up to properly collect financial records.


Paxis Management has a great deal of accounting and bookkeeping expertise. We can help you set up a system that helps franchisees get their books to you in time. Then we’ll pour over the financials, giving you the financial statements you need.


This allows you to better understand the financial package you want to offer to prospective franchisees.




Paxis Management Group can help you understand the value of your business and establish the necessary fees to protect your branding and product integrity while at the same time making sure your business is compliant.

At Paxis, we help you make the most of the advantages of franchising, while at the same time controlling the risks. 

We will help you create and implement a strategy for growth in order to prepare your business for the next step, which is franchising. As experienced franchise consultants, Paxis can help your business grow with financial stability.

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