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Full-Service Bookkeeping


Is your bookkeeping a distraction? Are you worried you aren’t properly complying with IRS regulations? If so, Paxis Management can help. We have the expertise you need to control your cash flow, investments, payables and receivables.


Don’t waste time and resources training individuals when you have a full services company as a partner. Once set up, we are virtually autonomous. We’re readily available with reports, clarification of transactions, and period end analysis. Our Consulting and Accounting packages include accounting software subscriptions within the cost.


If you want to keep some of these services in-house, we can also work with your current staff to bring them up to speed on current GAAP standards and procedures.

Some of our bookkeeping services include:

·       Operational reviews and assessments

·       Job estimation and pricing

·       Fixed asset accounting and depreciation

·       Monthly/Quarter/Yearly closings

·       Bank reconciliations

·       General ledger maintenance

Paxis Mgt. Group is here to simplify and streamline your bookkeeping process to make it efficient and effortless to understand. Whether you need to clean up your old process or just looking to start fresh, Paxis can help!


We get a lot of questions about our accounting services for startups. We’ll discuss them below.


If you’re starting a new business in Miami, you have a lot to take care of: finding new customers for your business, sorting through paperwork, and figuring out how to deliver on your promises. This is often the most precarious time for a business, financially: you have to balance your cash flow before you’ve started bringing in serious revenue.


It makes sense, then, that many entrepreneurs have questions about accounting. Are they setting enough aside for taxes? Is their current cash flow sustainable? Below, we’ll answer some of your questions and explain why Paxis Management is the accounting company of choice for Miami startups.

Do Startups Need Accountants?

Every startup should at least schedule a consultation with an accountant. This allows you to discuss how your business is structured, which impacts your financials and your legal liability. An accountant can also help you prepare for your tax liability. If you’re not thinking about this throughout the year, you may not save enough to pay your taxes.


Please note that even sole proprietorships can (and should) benefit from a visit with an accountant. You may think that an accountant is unnecessary, since you don’t have to worry about payroll. However, a good small business consulting accountant will be able to inform you of the tax breaks available to you as a freelancer.

Do Startups Need In-House Accountants?

Most startups don’t need in-house accountants. Outsourcing this job allows you to only pay for the services you need, instead of adding another salary to your payroll.


In cases where you’re dealing with huge volumes of cash early on – or where you’re dealing with complicated international deals – you may choose to get an in-house accountant. The general rule for getting an in-house accountant is simple: if the out-of-house accountant is charging more than a salary, bring an accountant in-house.


Paxis handles a variety of business needs. Whether you’re a startup trying to figure everything out or you’ve been running things for years, we can help fulfill your accounting needs.

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