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Human Resources

Job Interview

Human Resource management can be a major source of stress and loss of time for new businesses.


Whether you need to get a quick question answered or you want to outsource the entirety of your HR Department, Paxis Mgt. Group can help you every step of the way. Don’t see the service you need below? We can customize a package of services that fit your small business needs.




Providing a quality onboarding process for new employees is essential to establishing a positive work environment that encourages healthy teamwork practices. We can assist in providing services that help individuals understand their roles and how their work tasks benefit the company as a whole. We can provide efficient methods for handling new employee paperwork, scheduling, and educating oncoming employees as what they can expect in their first days beginning work with your business.



We can assist in providing thorough expense reports and purchase order services to itemize orders and expenditures between supplier and buyer effectively. These services will allow your business to maintain a more reliable inventory of products and keep track of incoming and outgoing payments.


Having a capable Human Relations department is vital for balancing the needs of the business while ensuring that employees remain motivated and content with their work life. We can provide services to assist you in developing employee handbooks, which clearly articulate the rules and expectations of the workplace while also providing avenues for employees to express their concerns regarding their roles and the overall health of the workplace. Additionally, we can assist in the necessary background checks to investigate the history of potential hires.



Deciding to let go of an employee can be a difficult decision that can lead to a negative outcome if not handled correctly and professionally. We can also provide termination assistance in which our representatives will aid former employees in coping with the unfortunate situation and any emotions that come with it. We will work on behalf of you to maintain employee trust and provide help in moving from the workplace building as well as develop strategies to communicate the situation to others effectively.



Our company can assist in providing education to your employees regarding the various health or life insurance benefits offered by their employer. We can also assist in creating easy to understand materials regarding business policies per state and federal laws regarding work-related disability. It is essential to communicate these services effectively to your employees to avoid any potential legal and personal pitfalls.



It’s of vital importance to assess business practices regularly to determine how well various departments, employees, or the business as a whole is achieving goals. We can assist in carefully analyzing your methods and parties involved to ascertain any room for potential improvement. We will discover any capacity for increased potential and offer solutions for optimization by eliminating wasteful steps or unnecessary risks. We can help get the most out of your business.



Your employees are the most vital part of your company and deserve high-quality service in return for the role they play. We can assist in providing technological solutions to assist in managing confidential employee and organizational information. We can also offer solutions for calculating and explaining employee eligibility for the variety of benefits your business may offer. Additionally, we can also provide systems that help you make sure you are complying with state and federal workplace laws as well as tracking time, payroll, and workplace compensation.



Creating detailed and accurate job descriptions is essential for assisting employees in understanding what tasks any given position requires. They can also assist in mitigating employee-related issues and concerns and encourage teamwork by allowing everyone to understand and work within the bounds of their area. Employees can prove to be far more effective when grasping the position description upon hiring and can reasonably expect to stay within the guidelines of expectations for the duration of their hire.



To ensure your employees are collecting a fair wage that is competitive with the current market, we can conduct surveys to obtain essential information. These surveys will compile data within the market regarding the pay scaling for a variety of jobs in similar fields of business.



It’s essential to regularly assess your hiring process, especially if you’re finding that recent hires are not quite fulfilling expectations for their designated roles. When new hires don’t pan out, the result is a lot of wasted time and resources while still not having the right person for the position. We can help assess your recruiting process to better state position expectations as well as compare data regarding skills necessary for similar jobs across the market. Effective communication of company image, expectations, and providing an overall positive candidacy experience can aid in finding and maintaining valuable employees.



Expounding upon the recruitment process, we can also provide valuable training to aid in training individuals involved in the hiring process to be more effective at challenging prospective hires and discerning the ideal individuals. Conduct an interview is a skill that requires practice and education to become proficient, and our training processes will help your business become more proficient with the processes involved.

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