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Legal Services and Compliance

Lawyer in Lobby

At Paxis Management, we understand that it can be difficult for some businesses to handle legalese and compliance when they’re trying to make money! This is especially true for small businesses, which may not have the level of staffing required to properly handle all of this paperwork.

Paxis Management’s legal team can assist emerging growth companies and small businesses with contracts, drafting templates, reviewing existing contracts, crafting employee handbooks and policies, addressing employment-related issues, implementing corporate structure, protecting your intellectual property, preparing for fundraising and investment, and helping you navigate the legal ins and outs of your business.

No one likes surprise invoices. It is our philosophy to be upfront about billing and keep clients informed throughout the relationship. We even offer both package deals and a la carte services.

As a growing business, good legal counsel is key, and so often, legal mistakes are costlier to clean up after-the-fact instead of getting it right from the beginning. Our business lawyers can perform a comprehensive audit of your business and make recommendations for improvements and efficiencies and educate on best practices.

If you’re not sure what you need or you don’t find a package that works for you, give us a call and we’ll tailor a package to fit your business. We’ll also help you prioritize, so you can plan and budget accordingly.


We offer the following services to small businesses.

Business Formation


If you’re just putting your business together, you probably have a lot on your mind. That said, you can’t afford to ignore the legal structure of your business. The decision of whether to be a sole proprietorship, LLC, C Corp, S Corp, or nonprofit can have a major impact on your tax and legal liability. We’ll help you through the process.


Corporate Law Matters


As you’ll see throughout this page, we’re happy to offer a variety of a la carte legal services to companies. However, you may want to outsource the entirety of your legal department. In that situation, Paxis Management will be the legal department you need.


Independent Contractor Agreements


There are a variety of different advantages to hiring freelancers. The right freelancer can have skills that it’s much harder to get from a traditional employee. As well, hiring independent contractors allows you to ensure you’re only paying for the work you need, as opposed to the 40 hours a week that a full-time position might require. That said, working with independent contractors requires setting expectations early and


Employment Law Matters


While we offer various a la carte employment law services, we can also take care of all of your employment law related issues. This service pairs well with our HR Consulting Services.


Non-Competition, Non-Disclosure, and Non-Solicitation Agreements


Hiring and keeping the right people can be a major source of stress. Paxis Management will help you set up contracts so that your employees don’t steal your business or reveal company secrets.


Intellectual Property


Intellectual property law can be byzantine, but it’s essential for many business owners to understand. This allows you to legally protect your business name, as well as any product or service names, and any concepts/practices that are unique to your business. Additionally, Intellectual Property consulting is vital for ensuring you don’t accidentally run afoul of another entity’s IP.


Office Lease Agreements


Rent can be a major expense for many businesses. This is why it’s vital to ensure you understand the deal you’re signing. Paxis Management’s legal team will work with you to make sure you understand what you’re liable for when you agree to sign a contract to rent a commercial space.


Employee Handbook


An employee handbook allows all of your personnel to be on the same page regarding what the company allows and what it will not tolerate. While it’s an important way for companies to set the tone and boundaries for employees, you also need to make sure your employee handbook complies with the law. We’ll work with you to ensure your handbook has the rules you want, as well as the rules you are legally required to have.


Buy-Sell Agreements


Buying a business or selling your own is a major moment in time for any business owner. Our lawyers will help you examine the purchasing documentation to ensure you’re getting a good deal.


Document Review with Comments


At Paxis Management, we’re here to make your job easier. We want you to understand our advice and have it easily accessible. For that reason, we comment on documents we review, letting you see any problems or possibilities we’re highlighting.


Looking for Legal Services and Compliance Services?

Look no further. At Paxis Management, we help business owners just like you take control of their operations. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been running for years, a little bit of help may be all you need to take your business to the next level.

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